We ask the right questions and identify meaningful insights to grow your brand.

Case Studies

  • Converting Shoppers at Point of Sale
    angielistAs a leading supplier of duck to restaurants and specialty stores, Maple Leaf Farms came to us with this question: How can more consumers be encouraged to consider duck as “everyday” protein to serve at home? Read More...
    Potential Category Growth
    Specialty Store Shoppers Open to Preparing Duck at Home
  • ökocat Natural Cat Litter
    okocat logoIn early 2013, Healthy Pet decided to enter the fast growing natural fiber cat litter category. Just one year later, they introduced a line of super-absorbent, wood-based cat litter products called ökocat (German for 'eco-cat'). Read More...
    U.S. Households Own a Cat
    Billion Dollar Market
  • Millennials Homeownership
    homeThey spend on their homes at the same rate as other homeowners, and when they make decisions they rely on online information from Yelp and Angie’s List as well as other social media sites. Read More...
    Homeowners are Millennials
    Home Buyers

Our Point of View

Is Your Brand Complete?
Strong brands don’t happen by accident, they require
careful planning, nurturing and investment. A brand platform provides
a solid foundation for planning brand investments.
What's an Insight?
Businesses have easy access to unprecedented amounts of customer data and
marketplace information, but struggle to identify game-changing insights.
Learn how we identify brand building home runs.
What's in a Name?
Naming a company, brand or product are just a few of the decisions
that affect the face of a business. For businesses with more
than one brand, right sizing and structuring the portfolio affects
how customers understand what the business offers. Learn
how we help clients prune, name and organize their
brand portfolios for growth.
Strength or Opportunity?
A well-designed brand audit reveals customer insights, competitive
threats, and potential differentiators. Learn how to use the
3-circle model to evaluate your brand on the dimensions that really matter.
Digital Transformation = Opportunity
Digital transformation initiatives offer new opportunities to shape brand perceptions.
Have you considered the brand when planning and executing a digital
transformation of your organization? Here’s how.
Key Performance Indicators
Deep insights and consistent measurement are key to monitoring
and improving brand health. Learn how the right KPI's
can help focus the organization on the real
drivers of business value.
Information or Action?
Insights are vital to an organization’s future.
Learn how we use insights to inspire ideas, provoke action
and transform brands and businesses.
What's Your Style?
In a world where brands interact with consumers like a person,
it's more important than ever to show some personality.
Learn how to define a multi-faceted personality to distinguish
your brand and enhance its appeal.
Differentiated or Distinctive?
Meaningful differentiation is difficult to achieve, and even harder
to sustain. Yet the leading brands in many categories create advantage
through salience alone. Learn how to be more distinctive.

What our clients say...

  • Our CarGurus client shared with us a spreadsheet for the initial Brand Tracker you just completed. They were clearly impressed with your methodology and approach – kudos to your team.

    Huntington Beach, California

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