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    The Brand Strategy Toolkit

    Great brands can happen by accident, but long term success requires a plan. Build your plan with our new e-book, “The Brand Strategy Toolkit.”


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    Customer Insights

    Customer insights make it possible to build a brand people will love, not just buy. Learn how to discern brand building insights.


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    Laddering For Positioning

    Many decisions are motivated by how customers want to feel, not just what they think. Learn about using laddering research to create powerful positionings.


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    Put an End to Brand Babble

    Do you know the difference between a brand identity, brand personality, brand image, and brand positioning? Help put an end brand babble with these definitions.


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    Relevance vs. Preference

    Which is better? A brand that’s relevant or a brand that’s preferred? Learn why brand relevance trumps preference.


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Case Studies

  • angielistHave you have seen an ad for Angie’s List? Most likely the answer is yes. Through aggressive media investments and a strong focus on delivering its core services, Angie’s List has accomplished a small miracle, acquiring over 3 million paid households while driving high driving high renewal rates. Conveying the Angie’s List value proposition to consumers who expect online services to be free can be a challenge.

    In 2013, Angie’s List asked us to help them better understand their brand awareness and refine their message to sustain and improve their enviable customer acquisition and retention rates. Through quantitative and qualitative research among current members and prospects, we found Angie’s List enjoys unparalleled recognition as a paid review site for homeowners, but lacks depth of brand understanding.

    We identified key message “pathways” and recommended focusing on those that best reflect what members find most compelling and also resonate with prospects. The pathways link brand attributes to higher-level emotional values like peace of mind and confidence. New advertising was developed and fine-tuned with customer input prior to the August debut. The new spots provide homeowners with a better understanding of how Angie’s List can make their lives easier and why it’s worth the money to join.

  • catökocat Natural Cat Litter


    In early 2013, Healthy Pet determined to enter the fast growing natural fiber cat litter category in the U.S. In June 2014, they introduced ökocat  Natural Cat Litter (German for 'eco-cat'), a line  of super-absorbent, wood-based cat litter products that are simply the cat's meow! This speed-defying marketing feat was accomplished through close collaboration between the Healthy Pet brand team, their design and advertising teams and Brand Amplitude.

    Working together, we identified and leveraged consumer insights each step of the way from sizing the opportunity, to identifying the target and determining the right configuration of features to positioning. We also helped determine how many SKU’s made up the optimal line what those items should be.

    Learn more about our collaboration in this PPT.

  • millennial-foodThe image marketers have of young adults as dining on a cup of ramen noodles and carry out food accompanied by beer needs an update. Today's Millennials dine on gourmet Japanese ramen, order from a chic food truck and favor hand-brewed craft ale over regular beer.

    Over half of Millennials consider themselves foodies, and their relationship with food is a reflection of their passion for living well and sharing their
    experiences with friends. Over half of all Pinterest postings are about food. Restaurants and grocers are scrambling to provide the unique flavors
    Millennials crave. McDonald's has determined they must accommodate Millennial tastes if they are to survive.

    Learn more about how Millennials relate to food and how food marketers are adapting in this brief report, "Exploring Millennial's Passion for Food: Bite-Sized Insights for Marketers"