Marketing Capabilities

Is your marketing keeping pace?     

One of the challenges -- and joys -- of brand marketing is that the discipline is constantly evolving. In just the past few years, we’ve seen some significant changes:

  • More experiential marketing
  • Humanization of brands
  • More brand extensions
  • Increased importance of appropriate brand architecture
  • Faster pace of innovation required to keep brands fresh and relevant

Keeping organizational marketing skills in sync with what’s demanded by today’s marketing is a must. And increasingly, companies are looking for help as they take training into their own hands. We help clients adapt to these trends and build internal capabilities. In just the past year, we:

  • Defined and implemented shared processes and language for strategic marketing planning 
  • Helped non-marketers understand what they need to know to partner more effectively with the brand team
  • Facilitated brand team workshops to hone their value proposition, positioning and messaging

We take a three-step approach to creating client-tailored programs by:

1. Common Language

Effective strategic brand and marketing planning requires a coherent set of principles, shared language and process. With this foundation, the leadership team can evaluate brand and marketing investment recommendations efficiently and effectively, reach a decision and set the right performance metrics.

2. Best Practices

Every company has success stories. We help make cases accessible, and use the frameworks developed in step one to showcase how they facilitate marketing planning.

3. Coaching & Training

Once the right process is designed and content is created, we develop and co-deliver interactive sessions that “teach” the strategic marketing planning process by applying it to client brands.