maple leaf farms

As a leading supplier of duck to restaurants and specialty stores, Maple Leaf Farms came to us with this question: How can more consumers be encouraged to consider duck as “everyday” protein to serve at home? We combined quantitative research with an innovative online community, to find the answers.  

First, we confirmed there is a huge opportunity to increase duck use.  Far from feeling strange or exotic, 38% of specialty store shoppers are open to preparing duck at home. Converting each “duck acceptor” to just one more duck purchase a year would increase category volume a whopping 39%!

Second, we learned there are few barriers to conversion. Once they make duck, consumers are impressed with how easy it is to prepare and how much their families like it. In a world of proteins dominated by chicken and beef, duck is versatile enough for even the most inexperienced cooks to use comfortably, and distinctive enough to make any meal special.  The biggest barriers? Consumers don’t think to prepare duck, or don’t think they will be able to find it at the store. 

Armed with these insights, we recommended nine specific retail engagement strategies to keep duck top of mind as an everyday protein through all stages of the path to purchase.  Isn’t that ducky?

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