Millennial Marketing Reconsidered: Is the Idea of a Discrete Millennial Consumer a Marketing Fantasy?

on Wednesday, 16 September 2015.

What’s a Millennial? Is it a generation? A target market? A mindset? Increasingly, I am wary of defining them any of these ways. In fact, the idea of a discrete “Millennial” consumer may be a marketing fantasy, and one that needs to be put to rest before it does more harm. At best the term is a crutch, and at worst, it’s misleading. 

What Do Millennials Want in a Job? Insights for Making Talent Brands Millennial-Relevant

Carol Phillips Thursday, 11 June 2015

Millennial employees are making new demands on their employers, and quickly moving on when their needs are not met. To appeal to Millennials, companies need to pay attention to their talent brands, just as they do their customer-facing brands. In this report we share The Top Ten Essential Insights for becoming and remaining Millennial-relevant.

Millennial Is Bigger than A Generation

Carol Phillips Friday, 30 January 2015

It can be argued that the first Millennial wasn't even a member of Gen Y. As the contagious attitudes and behavior of Millennials have been transmitted to both their parents and their younger siblings, it's time to look at how we are alike, rather than for differences. This presentation focuses on what resonates across the ages and was first given by Carol Phillips at the Digital Ascendant conference in Palo Alto in October.

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Millennials and Showrooming: The Mobile Moment of Truth

Marty Predd Monday, 15 October 2012

Showrooming is changing the rules of retail. As more shoppers use mobile devices in store to check prices, read reviews, comparison shop and get input, retailers, brands, app platforms and ecommerce pure-plays are scrambling to win this new Mobile Moment of Truth.


To uncover insights about the growing use of mobile devices in store, Sprint and Barkley Inc. conducted the "Sprint Mobile Moment of Truth" study. The Mobile Moment of Truth study combines a national survey of mobile-empowered shoppers with in-depth ethnographic research. The study is aimed at providing a deep understanding of the emerging phenomenon of showrooming and to explore its implications for retailers and brands. The study includes information about the tools and apps used by mobile-informed shoppers, the information they seek, the functional and emotional motivations behind showrooming and more.


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Millennials and Snacking

Friday, 18 May 2012

Whad do Deloitte, Mercedes, ABC Family, MTV, Miracle Whip, Ford Fiesta, Herbal Essences, State Farm and the U.S. Army all have in common? Each has recognized the importance of generation-specific marketing targeting Millennials. 


Candy and snack marketers might also want to adapt their strategies to reach this latest generation. These marketing savvy, technologically adept and socially empowered consumers demand more from brands — more value, more personalization and more giving back — than consumers ever have before. The investment might be worth it, because once you earn their loyalty, they can serve as your greatest brand advocates.

Attracting Millennials to Museums

Monday, 30 January 2012

Millennials are not included to spend their leisure time and money on going to museums. Yet museums have a lot to offer if they can present their experience in a compelling way. This presentation shares the results of our exploration of what would motivate Millennials to make visit museums more regularly Download Page: Download this October 2010 PowerPoint Presentation, “Motives and Motivations: Attracting Millennials to Museums.” This presentation was shared at with the Michigan Museums Association in Kalamazoo, MI by Carol Phillips of Brand Amplitude.

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