Ready, Set, Action! Insights that Inspire, Provoke and Transform

on Saturday, 31 October 2015. Posted in Innovation

Our biggest takeaway from the ESOMAR World Congress of Market Research in Dublin: the era of the 150-slide research report is dead! A cheer went out across the land with that one! We are thrilled that the era of data storytelling, integrating multiple sources of data, and socializing findings through the organization is upon us.

Who Is Today’s “Typical” Grocery Shopper?

on Thursday, 03 September 2015. Posted in Innovation

Grocery retailing has changed dramatically. Not that long ago, traditional grocery stores like Chicago's Jewel Food Stores were community institutions Mom visited once a week for food and most everything else she needed, from flowers to deli foods to light bulbs. Fathers may have picked up a few items along the way, but were rarely trusted with buying more unless armed with a detailed list.

To Turbo Charge Your Innovation Efforts, Lean into Culture

on Wednesday, 30 April 2014. Posted in Innovation

How did it happen that the practice of innovation has come to be so, well, not innovative? For years, the majority of new products and services introduced have been line extensions or enhancements of existing products. The absence of the truly novel in the name of product innovation has been well documented, by Nielsen, Mintel and NPD. Their annual new product reports have become a depressing drumbeat of failed attempts to build a better, more appealing mousetrap by emphasizing better, faster, cheaper features.

The Store Is It: How Retailers Can Address Showrooming

on Friday, 20 July 2012. Posted in Innovation

Amazon recently reversed its longstanding opposition to collecting sales tax on internet sales, catching many by surprise. Yet, backing the Marketplace Fairness Act is actually a shrewd move, resolving the issue at the federal level and opening the way for the company to open distribution centers closer to major population areas like California. The ultimate goal may even be same day delivery, removing one of the last barriers to buying online - delayed gratification.

Announcing a Breakthrough in Measuring the Impact of Social Media on Sales

on Thursday, 31 May 2012. Posted in Innovation

Based on work by Michael Wolfe, Bottom Line Analytics


Everyone agrees that social media measurement is important, but figuring out how to do it hasn’t been easy. There are many tools to measure social media activity, and some like, are even free. But until now, there hasn’t been a systematic approach to measuring the financial returns from social media efforts, much less a way to evaluate their contributions relative to traditional media.

"Fresh" Food Trumps All - 5 Ways to Be "Fresh"

on Monday, 26 October 2009. Posted in Innovation

The buzzwords are flying as food marketers look for new ways to appeal to still-stingy consumers. A recentreport by Hartman Group found that “the picture is no longer black or white; it is a colorful mosaic where organic and/or natural intersects and overlaps with attributes such as local, fresh, sustainable, safe, green, quality, lack of additives and many more.”